Our first step in any project is to validate current measurements and KPIs, and ensure that these are aligned with your business strategy. If an overall digital marketing strategy itself is missing, we'll help build that out. A survey of where you are today, what is your digital footprint, your strategy, and your challenges and opportunities are the starting point.

The concrete stuff, reasonably easily documented, is comprised of a survey to document;

  • Your digital properties, including websites, microsite, e-commerce stores, marketplaces
  • The current marketing technology stack beyond just the website. Your e-mail platforms, customer databases, CRM interfaces, tag management tools, forms systems, product information management
  • A complete view of your current measurement and analytics, from website analytics to measurements from your e-commerce platform to how this flows to the bottom line. 

The "soft" stuff, but often even more important, will include interviews with marketing, product management, customer service, sales, even some customers. We'll gain some context on the market, your competition, internal teams and partner capabilities. Are goals aligned? 

The outcome is an overview of your current digital marketing, in a comprehensive format. Some initial KPIs or simple metrics and low hanging fruit are identified. "Do now" things. Often, work needs to take place to be able to measure what we will want to manage together in the future.  

This is our "sandbox with results" phase. The Foundation phase has identified a number of opportunities, often to improve some measurement capabilities, and also some quick wins on any of the processes. 

This is where we start to test and learn. We'll make test changes in your digital marketing, from website updates to email cadence to reviewing advertising approaches. Tests can be as short as a few weeks to get results. 

Not all tests will succeed, but even those that don't provide their own insight. All tests help also validate the capabilities of the ecosystem of people and platforms, who is strong, what is possible, and what might need to be complemented with new resources or training in later phases. 

The outcome of the action phase is focused on delivering some initial results, "up and to the right" shifts for a handful of metrics. It is also where we'll learn more about the organization, it's technology, the partners and the business, in order to develop the strategy.

We'll develop a 6, 12 and 18 month plan. Measurements and KPIs identified and updated in the first phases will be used to define objectives. A key is to identify what to go after first, and what may take time to build. The strategy should be simple enough to be communicated on a page, while supported by a detailed plan.  

Strategy may include, at differing levels;

  • Digital marketing plan, including SEO, paid search, inbound marketing strategy, social media recommendations, email strategy, and off line marketing such as direct mail and phone. 
  • Staff training or augmentation recommendations
  • Change management and broader internal and external communications plans as needed.
  • Technology recommendations, from "rightsizing" investments to maximizing returns from existing ones. Replatforming or new technology investments may make sense.

We can then work together in in an ongoing fashion to continue to steer your digital marketing in a direction of measurable growth.