Digital marketing strategy, analytics and action

We deliver meaningful, measurable results from digital marketing programs and platforms. Our goal is it build your digital capability for success today, and the future.

The 2 Find Marketing Approach

Measure, Test, Learn → Repeat



This is the foundation for every engagement. A review of your analytics and measurement approach and platforms, along with KPIs and dashboards. We'll define a plan to ensure your metrics support your business goals.



We'll identify the "low hanging fruit" for immediate changes, and implement test programs to build positive results. These can be technical, campaign, process, content or targeting focused.



Throughout the process we're learning about the capabilities of your organization, platforms, agencies, vendors. Through the measurement and test programs, we also gain a better insight into the business.


Strategy (and repeat)

We'll provide a 6 - 18 month roadmap of activities, milestones, and KPIs to focus on. An ongoing engagement, we'll continually revisit Measurement and Test plans, improving the approach every step of the way.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is much more than your website and your email program. 2 Find Marketing sees digital marketing as all data and technology driven connections to your customer, from early awareness through sales and customer service. 

Is 2 Find Marketing an Agency or Consultancy?

Yes. And no. And maybe. Merriam-Webster defines an agency as "an establishment engaged in doing business for another". We like to think we're a team of people engaged in helping others grow.

We consult, but the phrase "consultants" can make us itch, and think of 120 page PowerPoint decks.

We're sometimes an agency, having launched Google Ads campaigns, Facebook programs, and e-mail marketing. But this is often part of our test phase, where we determine what can be done,  and who should do it. 

We're more action driven than consultants we've worked with in our past, and more of a partner in your results than some agencies.

How do you charge?

Our engagements are typically structured in three phases. 

A 30 day start up paid engagement, where we focus on analytics and defining what the short-term opportunities are.

A 2-3 month paid development engagement, where we start to implement change, measure, and define a longer term strategy.

A ongoing retained relationship, where we provide a suite of digital marketing expertise and oversight, from quarterly check-ins and strategy reviews to being your outsourced digital leadership. 

We also love to dish on where marketing, technology and business meet, and are happy to connect with you to discuss your opportunities. 

Why "2 Find Marketing"?

The name? A long family history of respected "2 Fs", and certainly a play on both search types (organic and paid). But primarily, it's because our clients are looking for marketing results. Maybe it should have been "2 Found Marketing".