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 Your customers are online for research, purchase, support, reviews, advocacy and more. 2 Find Marketing focuses on providing a metrics-based approach to driving results from your digital engagements.

Customers are #1

We’ve been implementing customer-driven technology and sales processes for decades. Terms change, (Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Managment, etc.), but the focus is always on the customer. Capturing actionable data throughout the sales process. And making the most of it. 

Sales > Marketing (really)

This is no contest. Marketing’s existence is to engage with customers to drive sales. We believe the most impactful marketing programs make sales people, and sales results, easier and more successful. E-commerce, self-service, and automation programs only help. 


Ted Fay

Ted’s been leading successful programs at the intersection of sales, marketing, customers and technology since Google’s name was Backrub.

Program’s have included platform selection, development, training and change management for:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing Automation and e-mail systems
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • e-Commerce 
  • Analytics
  • Recommendation/Personalization 
  • Social Media Monitoring

When not behind a keyboard, Ted’s usually found supporting his family, on a bike, or in front of the stove. 

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